terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2012

Mudança na programação

Amigos, pra facilitar o entendimento do pessoal da TATA simplifiquei a coisa. 
Por favor  copiem o texto abaixo  e enviem pros seguintes endereços:


Dear Sir/Madam:

Premametta School Orphanage in Bodhgaya needs your help.  Here is the link to the School and the Prema Metta Charitable Hospital

A car would be a lot more practical for us than an ambulance

We have been talking with several people and we came to the conclusion that even though an ambulance would be the ideal for our hospital, a bigger car would be a lot more practical for us.   We can use the car to transport the sick people to the hospital but we can use it also to take the children to visit historic and touristic places around so they can get to know the history and geography of their own land.  Bodhgaya is full of history.  Siddhartha, Buddha lived here most of his life therefore it is very important that they get to know the places that he walked and lived most of his life.  We can also use the car to transport furniture and several other things to and from the school and the community can also use it to transport things in general.   I always see people carrying heavy things on their own head and things that are many times heavier than they are.   They could use the car to carry those heavy things around.   Every one that has a car knows how practical cars are.
Here in India, for us Brazilians, this car in the picture, is cheap but for Indians, even to own a bicycle is way too expensive for them,  much less to own a car.  Yesterday, my friend Reynaldo and I did some research online and we found this nice vehicle by TATA VEHICLES.   But my idea is to see if we can get one like this for free to be used by the Premametta Orphanage school.  And with your help I feel that we can make this dream a reality.
I ask you to send the link of my blog to these TATA addresses below.   I feel that the more emails they receive about the Premametta orphanage school,  the more they will get interested in helping this cause.  Therefore, you’re not going to spend a dime, only a few minutes of your time.   Can you help me?    Here are the address that I ask you to send the link of my blog.
I really appreciate you helping me with this very important cause.

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  1. Eidia, é pra mandar para os dois endereços: brazil.marketing e argentina.marketing, o texto inteiro que está abaixo, inclusive: "A car would be a lot more practical for us than an ambulance?" Todos os dias? Bj Fatinha

  2. Sim meu bem...eu mando até 2X por dia...até eles encherem o saco e pelo menos reponderam dizendo que não vão dar nada não....rssssss
    bjos querida...saudaaaaaaaadessss de tu

  3. Ieda, já enviei e também repassei pro povo conhecido fazer o mesmo.

  4. Obrigada Susi querida...vamo ver se eles se tocam...rs
    bjos bjos e brigada de novo


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